Saturday, November 14, 2009

NO to store bought ♥ Say YES to handmade ♥

So my first Holiday Suggestion will combine two of my friends shops. Pink PolkaDot Studio here and KustomKids Boutique here.

There is nothing a child likes better then a gift that you can work on together. My daughter loves these kinds of gifts. It's different and exciting and will grab there attention. You will need a sewing machine though (but I believe everyone should have one anyway!) And you can get them so cheap these days. Girls from 7-15 would love this.

So my idea is, go to Cristies Boutique and order a pattern. She has them from simple to hard and they come with her help and in ebook form. You can print it out and punch holes and put a big red ribbon in the corner. Then go over to Linda's shop and grab a yard or two of fabric. Both of these woman are great to work with.

Another suggestion is order the pattern, buy the fabric and give it to a friend that sews. A perfect gift for under $25. Most woman who sew can't resist new fabric and patterns.

This is what I love about etsy, you get such quality for such unbelievable prices. And if your a designer and need a great photograpgher, contact Christie, Ferry Christie's daughter is a great model and helped me make Etsy's front pge!


The Mommy Homemaker said...


I also love the new addition of the music!

Jane said...

Love the fabric on the bottom (and the skirt) Like the idea of fabric and patterns (my cousin sews!) I used to sew as a child (my aunt was a seamstress) I should get a sewing machine and play. Not enough patience to sew lots of stuff (I'll leave that to you!) but for fun it would be cool.