Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Cheer...25 Days of Christmas

Every Day from now until Christmas, I will be listing a Holiday Cheer Coupon from $5-$20!  Limit 1 Per Customer!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marketing Your Shop

Marketing Your Business newly listed here!

About Me:)

I have been designing and selling childrens clothes for over 20 years, owned 2 store in NYC and had a small factory where we produced everything. Now after successfully selling boutique clothing on Etsy for 2 Years, I am starting a new business doing what I really love, creating new designs to sell as sewing tutorials via ebook.
And helping other woman market there small business!

I can help you grow your boutique business!

Lynn from Sugar Bumps
Of course, it's okay. I have made over $2,000 just since you said do appliques, which I would have probably never have thought of!!! Thank you!

and Butterflies and Bees

Also newly listed

Lycra and an EBook here

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sewing Tutorials...Knit Ebooks/Patterns

Newly listed Sewing Tutorials !!

I have released a few of my knitwear patterns.

Available today for 15% off Cyber Monday Sale.

 or you can use this link for 6 very discounted Ebooks...pick any 6 on my site!

Winner # 19 Dawn!

Congratulations Dawn, mom of twins!

Random Number Generator

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For example, to pick a number between 1 and 100, set the Lowest Number to be 1, and the Highest Number to be 100.

Then click on Pick a Number to pick the number. That's it. Have fun!

If you found this useful, consider visiting the main Violet Cottage website. Thanks for visiting!

The randomly picked number is: 19

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time to pick a winner!

will be picking a winner of the skirt of the month contest tom night!  Thanks everyone we raised enough money for the dolls for the 2 little girls and had a bunch of donations! 

And a new favorite fabric shop.  Fairytalefrocks and Lollipops

Sunday, November 14, 2010

vintage ruffles

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Winter WonderLand...Holiday 2010

Posting this week and next week...hopefully!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

GIVE AWAY....Who makes the world a better place...You do!

Dec 1   Thanks raised the $200 for the dolls!  And we got a bunch of nice donations, thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

I would like to do this ongoing, please let me know of any familys that need a little love and care.

Holiday Cheer...Give Away! and learn!!  Cannot sell raffles.  Big Paypal Violation,  Sometimes I wonder if there is anything between my 2 ears:)
So I still want to get the dolls for the sisters.  I can't do it alone, Ineed your help!!  You can leave a comment here to enter the giveaway  and I am accepting dontions for the dolls.  If you would like to make a donation  send it via paypal to email@gingerlouise .com.   

We are raising money  to buy  a struggling family 2 AG Dolls for Christmas.  The girls are 7 and 8.  The older child has cancer and the father is out of work.  We are also accepting donations of clothes (new) for child or doll, hats, toys or anything you feel in your heart to give.  Email me for more info.

The family wonlt know who sent everything, it will be a gift of support from a community of lovely and talented women.  My daughter asked, if the family is strugging, why would we send something as trivial as dolls.  Why? It is exactly during those times that you need somthing pleasant to remind yourself  that life is good no matter how dark things get,  And things are pretty dark for this family.  And, I dont know if you have read these books, but  they are historical stories about how 8 year old gitls lived and survived some hard times.  One book I remember, was about a girl who lived in the 1930's and her mother had to take in  people to pay the rent.  The books are inspiring

Something Interesting..

Illness   Wellness 

I is for illness and we is for wellness, we are not suppose to do this sometimes very difficult life alone!  I have had the loving support of family and friends when  things got bad around here, my daughter always had more then she needed under that beautiful tree!


Leave a comment here with your email adress tp enter the give away.

Please send any donations to via paypal amd sent as a gift.

Winners will be picked on Black Friday.


GrandPrize:  $200 Value   Skirt of the Month Club, You will receive 1 skirt a month for the next year and aMATCHING DOLL SKIRT ! Holiday prints  will be sent when appropriate.

   What a fun thing for your child!  Every month she can expect a pretty new skirt for her and her doll or bear:)  April 1, she will open the mailbox to  a fresh spring skirt, October, its Halloween Fun!  Chrismas...Naybe matching velvets!

1st and 2ndPrize:  $25 Value  A skirt for your child and her doll, pick from lots of prints!

Thanks and feel free to share this link!

Style....what is it?


Rex Harrison..simply charming


Friday, October 8, 2010

Almost Done

 Almost done with Fall orders! Thank Goodness! Its like getting on a rollercoaster, once it starts you cant get off! Will send all new followers your simple skirt ebooks and I promise to get back to everyone who wants to test patterns. Soon, a smalll winter/holiday line of velvets and cords. I dont know if I am posting it on Etsy, if you want to see the line, please send an email to and in the subject line put winter. I want to keep this line to a 2 week turn around time. Some photos from the fall season.


Sweet Ruffles

Little Darlin

Love This!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Mommy and Me Design Contest!

How creative are you? Sugarbumps is hosting a contest! Design your own Applique. This is a great contest to do with your child! Details on where to send or email your designs will be announced. To win, your design MUST be creative and original. Some Design ideas are upcoming holidays, initial letters, back to school, birthdays or really anything at all. Let your mind wander.  And Let your child help!  The design can be by you or your child, make sure you give the name and age of the "designer"! Three winners will be chosen. 1st prize is having your applique created and sent to you on a shirt in your child's size (boy or girl). 2nd and 3rd prize, your applique will be created and sent to you. Lin (the owner of Sugarbumps) will become the co-owner of any design sent in. She may or may not use any of these appliques. If you design is chosen you will recieve full design credit in in the listing.  *Your design can be a drawing, photograph,photoshop...It must be legal, no copying!  You can use fabric, old wall paper, contact paper, crayons, colored pencils , anything to show the color.  Invision your design.  This is a great design project to work on with your child over the next two weeks as we head into fall. Here are some ideas to get you started.

to purchase any of these appliques click on this link                            

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cornucopia...Support Handmade!!

Want any of these cute Christmas prints for $6.75 a yard? Just follow the Link!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cornucopia..Rebuilding the American Economy, One Woman at a Time

A Beautiful Line..Link
Just Rereleased Darla Rose...Link
Skye Reve Fabrics's.........Link

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Vintage Fall...First Photo

Indian Summer...Link

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cornucopia..celebrating the Artist under the Mommy...Big Sister/Little Sister Give Away

Introducing Cindy! Love this new hat.  Will you be selling hats?  Yes going to get some autumn yarns today.  Browns, creams, Burgandys...Basics to go with everything.

These hats are the perfect finish to any outfit!

So first tell us where your from and who you are

I am Cynde Clark aka ~hipchic~ and the day I was born the World had to made room for a little more FANCY! I live and create in a perfect, one traffic light town on top of a mountain...but 10 minutes from the boat dock in Grant, Alabama. My day starts and usually ends with a steaming cup of Cinnamon Spice Coffee with Cocanut Cream in it. If it is a perfect day...the in between is filled with SEWING!
We built a small garage apartment 3 years ago right next to the town park, seriously..I can watch little league
baseball from my deck! Then my wonderful, hubby built me a fantastic and HUGE sewing studio on the first floor of
our home (he gave up two garage spaces for me and put in a spiral staircase!) This is where I love to spend all

day...when time allows! I am one lucky girl! I love sewing anything and everything I can dream up and loose all track of time when in my sewing studio.

That sounds Lovely...a mountain top Sewing room and Cinnamon Coffee. When are you inviting us over?!

So this is your first time trying to "SEW and Sell" as a business, what made you jump into this--did you always think about doing this?

For me it came down to "do what you love, love what you do" I love sewing and that is what I want to do! I had wanted to have a business for a long time, one day I just took the plunge and started HipChic Designs from my studio in AL about 2yrs ago. A friend actually told me about ETSY because of all the things she saw me making. Shortly after that I opened a shop for my bags and accessories, but then started playing with some fashion just for fun. I love making my own clothes and there was some interest in them.

My hipchic Etsy shop came about actually from the patchwork was the start of it all. Adult clothes take a while to make, but the little versions are so fast! But I still love making both....therefore you will be seeing much of the Mommy and Me listings. You see....anything I make small...I would soooooo wear, and do! Yes I do get, "I couldn't pull that off, but I love it!" alot. I usually respond...thanks, you might be could pull it off...It's all in the Attitude! I will just tell you...I am 37 yrs old and will probabaly never really grow up. I want my designs to have a flair of funky and whimsical to lighten up the day and make you want to twirl and dance.

Your clothing designs are funky and different , what happens if you get swamped with orders, any thoughts on how you would handle that?

When I get swamped: Freak Out totally in excitement! Hire my wonderful seamstress daughter, (yes at 14..she almost ready) If HipChic Designs became a way to bring back a small portion of sewing industry back to the US it would be incredible. It could happen...

I actually have a dream of a Large Old's already been picked out for many years, in which I would open a retail shop for my designs, a fabric shop, classrooms for instruction....oh and of course coffee lots of coffee! aaaah some day :)

Any advice for woman getting started in boutique clothing or anything you have learned so far. Never give up on a dream....ever!! You will want to some days, but don't! Always be creative and do what you love. I take some time to sew just for me to keep it fun and not always about work and growing a business.  Keep putting your ideas out can be scarry, but you just have to push yourself to do it. And find someone or someones who are successful and learn from them.

Look to see me adding some more Mommy and Me items. Working on some dresses. And then because my designs take on a life of their own look to see the "whole look" pulled together...accessories and all!

Thats great advice Cindy and Very Inspiring. I have to say it was a real pleasure meeting you and I wish you much success with your new business.

And Now for The Give Away!

  Mommy and Me Matching Skirts! Link

What a great give Away!  Mommy and me or Big Sister/Little Sister!  This is a $75 Value! 

So ladies to win this Big Sister/Little Sister from the Josie Lee...Ruffle into Fall Collection, all you have to do is:,
~go to Cindy's Shop, HERE
leave a comment on my blog under this post telling us your favorite item in shop
For a second entry leave a comment on Cindy's blog HERE
~AND Post this on your FB PAGE or Blog for a 3rd entry!  Be Sure to let us know you did this!

 Winner will be picked this Saturday  night!

Winner:  Elizabeth


2nd Place winners were chosen to win $10 off their next purchase over $25

2nd Place:  Jen

Please contact Cindye to claim your prize and thanks for allyour lovely comments!

Good Luck and thanks for supporting Cornucopia and Handmade!

Love this Print..EveryDay Skirt! Link

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1920's...Woman to admire...woman who inspire

Image circa 1920's..............NYC Tenament Museum Collection

Description Black and white photograph depicting former 97 Orchard Street resident Isaac J. Elias (standing left), owner of a garment factory in New York. Image shows a long table and fifteen women working at individual sewing machines. Fabric scraps litter floor. 

They look so happy, especially the man on the left, look at his expression.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Need Fabric...?

Hi there!  Got a little backed up this week.  Will be getting to the rest of the Cornucopia Artist/Mom features in the next few days.

For now, I would love to share with you a great fabric shop!  Skyereve Fabric on Etsy here This new fabric line is amazing!!

And there is a GIVEAWAY going on now for her shop!  Click here!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cornucopia...Celebrating the Artist under the Mommy...

From Scientist to Designer...
     introducing Eliza from KKNoodles

Carolina Top...See it here
Peasant Whimsy...see it here
Cardamon...see it here

So first tell us where your from and who you are, please:)

My name is Elisa Gollatz. I am a wife, mother, homemaker, scientist and children's clothing designer. I grew up in Pennsylvania and went to college in Pittsburgh to study Neuroscience. Upon graduating I worked in research laboratories in Academia. I continued to work after the birth of my first child Kiera, but retired from the industry after having my second child Kaitlin. When the girls were 4 and 3 respectively,I went shopping for their clothing. I was completely appalled by what was being marketed to our little girls. Why can't little girls be little!
Kknoodles was born. The name is derived from the girls nicknames, kk and noodle. Now I am a mother to four wonderful children, a clothing designer and very happy. 

So do you think you are now following your "destiny" of who you were to become,  those are 2 exttremly different fields!

So many people ask me that very question!  Ironically, there is a lot of science that goes into design.. I have always loved the arts. At a young age I started playing violin and singing. I really think that designing is the perfect blend of the sciences and arts. Design merges two of my strengths making a perfect profession for me. Sewing has become therapy for my crazy life “ motherhood”.
When did you start sewing?

 I began sewing when I was young. I can remember watching my mom sew in her sewing room. I was given my grandma's singer when I was about 13.. I have always had a unique style. I forced my mom to make me my senior prom dress. I hated the ugly poofy look!

Any advice for people getting started in boutique clothing
My advice to anyone is to do their research and start small. I have learned most of what I know about this business by going through it. Talk to many people who have started there own businesses. Find out what works and doesn’t work. It will save you lots of money and heartache. Start small and expand gradually. I have met so many women that started too big and very easily got overextended (physically and financially). Stay grounded and remind yourself daily the you love what you do.

What do you think about the concept "woman helping woman" ?Is there enough business out there for all of us and what makes your clothing different from other designers?

I am absolutely pro "women helping other women".  I have nothing to hide. We  all have different tastes and ideas.  Let's work together.  MY designs are "so me" I don't design things b/c I think other people will like it ,I design it b/c I love it.  I think that is why my designs are different.

What do you have coming up for fall, new designs, shop promotions?

Still thinking about it.... it was 100 degrees here in Atlanta today!  Moms Help Moms promotion: $25 off your purchase of $50 or more (full pricedtems only) code MHM valid 9/7-9/12

Thanks so much and good luck with your fall line!  Ladies be sure to check back for Kknoodles Fall...2010 preview.  Leave your email, if you want to be notified when "it arrives"