Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Join me for my Grand Reopening Party!

About Me

I have been selling clothing on Etsy for Two Years. I am now moving into a different market.  Sewing Tutorials, Ebooks and DIY Kits.

I have been in business for twenty plus years and on etsy for the last two.  I owned two stores and a small factory in NYC.  I also did tons of trunks show before they were the "trend"!

I knew nothing about blogging, etsy, custom boutique, FaceBook or even computers for that matter until about 3 years ago, when shopping Ebay and coming across "Custom Boutique"  A new world opened up to me. Now with almost 2,300 sales and 100% positive feedback, I am ready for the final push and to do what I really like which is to design,make patterns and  write Ebooks.

So, with that said...

I am launching a new line of Ebooks, sometime in August, all new designs that haven't seen before.
My intention is to bring my Ebook business to the top in the next six months.  This is how you can join me:

I am looking for sponsors/advertisers that are either boutique owners, fabric shops or photographers looking to promote their business.

With a special $45 rate for 3 months, (only $15 a month) you will get lots of exposure, a sponsor box on my blog, a  feature spot on Talk abot you Tuesday including links to your shop.  I will post about any item you want marketed once a week on my blog, FB Page (600 Fans and growing) and Twitter. I can also set up giveaways and help you market your business.  You will have full access to me and all my experience.  I will also inclue you in any news letters I send via email to over 2,000 people.

This is perfect for shops that are just starting out or for woman who just want more exposure.

I can be reached at

This is part of an ongoing effort!  Cornucopia...Horn of Plenty...woman helping woman and supporting Handmade USA.

Photo:  Clothing By:
              Hair Bow By: GracyLou Originals
              Photo By:       Snell Photography

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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Follow my blog and I will send you the simple skirt pattern to try at no charge! I will be introducing 15 new ebooks over the next 3 weeks. Clear directions with lots of photos! If you sign on to follow, please leave a comment here to let me know or email me at and...thanks!!

Check it out here!


Sewing For Beginners...Free Download!

Found this great sewing blog with lots of free tutorials. Check it out here!

Special on Ebooks!

Always on my blog, buy and Ebook, get a second of the same or less value half off. Leave a comment or Email me Also become a follower on my blog and get any ebook half off.

I havent posted everything here yet to see all ebooks go to