Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog Help!

Just a brief intro to my friend Carmina. She was the one who introduced me to blogging. I ran into her a few months ago on the subway and she mentioned that she was teaching a class on blogging. Blogging? What the hell is a blog--am I really this disconnected from the world--I must start leaving the neighborhood more often!!
Anyhoot, Carmina is great and you can find her here There is a lot of helpful information on her site and she also does private sessions. If you are looking to market a product she is definately a good person to contact.
I will be doing an interview on Carmina sometime during the next 2 weeks.


Come on over to see my first interview on Boutique Buyers Blog! I will be posting my complete interview with Jennifer Paganelli there on Saturday. And tomorrow, there will be an interview about little ol'me!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sis Boom

"Life has been very good to me, I could not be in a better place...I love the creative process..and I love when folks show us what they are working on with our fabrics...its so gratifying...I tell every one to believe in your dreams, pursue them and trust that no-one has a corner on anything, there is always room for one more!" Jennifer Paganelli