Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where is Jimmy Stewart?

***This is not meant to be an offensive post and I was going to remove it but I feel the need to speak out against whats going on. Also, I have been involved in the court system in NY and I can tell you what a horror that is. It's not funny it messes with people's lives and seems to do everything to protect the guilty.

And please feel free to leave your opinion whether or not it agrees with mine.

I don't usually follow politics but this health care bill has caught my attention. Did I hear correctly that this new health care plan will pay for abortions and take money away from the older people in this country like my parents. The people who fought in the wars and made this place a great place to live. And paying for abortions. :( Today watching this on tv reminded me of Mr. Smith goes to Washinton. Its about a corrupt government and a bill being pushed through. It seems like they are in a hurry to push this bill through. I don't like this president , he's scary and he is destroying our country. For anyone who has never seen that movie, watch it, where is our Jimmy Stewart to save the day?