Monday, November 16, 2009

NO to store bought ♥ Say YES to handmade ♥

So look at this cute man in this enchanting little store located in Middleburg, Va. It looks like there are so many more wonderful things in the store that are not on the website.

So yes it takes a little more effort to search out handmade and shop at smaller stores but the payoff is great.

My daughter went to preschool in a waldorf school. I was introduced there to the wonderful world of handmade German toys and German Christmas fairs. We don't have a lot of money but there are certain things I am willing to spend a little more on.

This is a very hard thing to find, something you can't find in Walmart or Target. Its a 24 day advent candle. I ordered my advent calander, traditional German and this candle. Every night in December we burn the candle down to the next date, drink hot chocolate, read our christmas books and open the advent calender. Even though my daughter is no longer a baby she stills enjoys this. And I think this is something she will remember when she grows up.

Last year I waited to long and had to buy our calender at Barnes and Nobel, it cost more then this one and the quality didn't compare.

This is a really special "thing" :) It twirls from the candle flame, out of my price range, maybeSanta will leave it in my stocking!

Here are a few more Christmas delights, go check out his website! Go here.

Handmade wooden music box.

Forest Nutcracker, beautiful!


Jane said...

Love the wooden music box, that is darling!

Betina Spot said...

nice collection u have :thumbup:

Hill upon Hill said...

Oh I love your little tradition each evening. I echo your thoughts about home made. The photo's of the the little girl and the dresses are so beautiful.

Merry Christmas to you and your daughter.