Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sewing Tutorials..EBooks..Pattern Testers Needed

THIS IS ON HOLD RIGHT NOW AS OF AUG 25...IF YOU SENT AN EMAIL WITH ALL THE CORRECT INFO I WILL CONTACT YOU<  WE R MOVING AND I AM SEWING    WILL BE IN TOUCH!  If you want to be a tester, pls hold off on sending any info for NOW.  Thanks!

Hey eveyone,  Coming out with a new and original line of sewing tutorials!  Need some pattern testers..  If  interested, these are the requirements:
~what machines you use
~do you have a serger
~childs age and measurements and body type/lbs/ht, diaper? I am looking for children that would be    considered average for there age
-sewing level beginner, intermediate, advanced? Pls think about this and be accurate
~photo of child, I'm a visual person:)  Will design sewing tutorial with your child in mind
~have you used sewing tutorials, ebooks before
~size your child usually wears
~your adress and email
~turn around time
~digital camera, able to email photos?
~what kind of sewing turorial would you be interested in?
~Ages (not sizes) needed 18m,24m,2 1/2 diaper,2 1/2 no diaper, 3, 3 1/2, 4, 4 1/2, 5, 6

If interested, you will be the first to receive new sewing tutorials, ebooks and  patterns from me at no charge.  You will see if the tutorial makes sense, if its easy enough to follow and how the pattern fits. Your creation will be added to my flickr group here.

If you meet the requirements, please leave a comment or email me at  and thanks!!


Jamie & Alicia said...

I'm interested in this. I have a twenty four month old. She actually turned two today. I will send all requested info when I get home today.

Connie De Grandis said...

Sent you an email. :)

Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique said...

I would love to be a pattern tester for your clothes i am emailing you now

Amy Hightower Murphy said...

I am interested but my daughter is only 15 1/2 months right now. Not sure if that would work for what you need or not. You can email me at if you want. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Leigh Heath Graham - Hey I have a 2 1/2 year old Godchild and a 2 month old Godchild. I love to sew and would be very interested in becoming a pattern tester. I have no serger yet...maybe soon.

sharon said...

Hi would love to give it a go and also a big thanks for sending me an email and for the advice about starting out a business. I would love to advertise on your site but just trying to get a few things done first, eg register name, labels all that fun stuff. So I will be in touch and my children are 1, 2 and 4. Eldest a girl and younger two are boys. One more thing I tried to download the skirt pattern you were giving away and I haven't been able to do it. I have a mac if that makes any difference but will give it another go, I'm not very computer savvy.

GingerLouise Clothing said...

Hi Sharon I need your email to send the pattern said...

Hi, I have a 28 month old granddaughter I sew for. I am retired (recently) and would like to be a tester for you. I have put my feet in the water with a few items on Etsy just to see how it works. I am looking for things to keep me busy. I will email you tomorrow if you would like. I have serger, 3 embroidery machines (2 of which are sewing/embroidery machines). I can send pictures digitally and grandbaby is cute as a button but sometimes camera shy so we have to sneak pictures. lol Let me know if you would like more information.

Anonymous said...

Ooh Oohh I have a 3.5 year old. She wears a 2T/3T depending on how its made. She's super petite...28 pounds and 37 inches. I do not have a Serger but I have a Kenmore machine with a Sergind stitch. It's a newer Kenmore, not 100% on the name but it has a zillion stitch options. I have bought a pattern from you in the past ( My email is I work M-F so I do most of my sewing on the weekend. I do have a camera. I have no idea how to send a picture :)

Stacey said...

I have twin girls turning 4 next month, a 15M old girl and a 7 yr old boy. I have a sewing machine, but not a surger. I HAVE used ebooks before and love them. The one thing I have found that my machine can NOT do is using elastic thread in the bobbin. I DO have a digital camera and could send pics easily. I am an intermediate sewer. My girls are in size 3t or 4t right now. I make LOTS of their Sunday dresses and am always looking for something to make that is not typical off the rack.

Ange Payne said...

I am interested if you still need some! I have a daughter who is 3 1/2.
I have 3 Brother sewing machines and a serger.
I am an intermediate sewer. My daughter is : Age 3 1/2, 39 in tall, 34 lbs, no diaper, 20 1/2 in chest, 19 in waist
I have used sewing tutorials, ebooks before.
~size your child usually wears 4T (When I buy clothes I buy a little bigger for the length of wear) I make all of her clothes ;) I have a turnaround of a week or sooner. I do have a digital camera and can e-mail photos. I am interested in any tutorials you have!
Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

Sarah said...

I would love to help you test patterns! I sent you an email with the information that you requested. Excited to here from you!


Marina said...

see you want to hold off on new testers, but am interested, please post when you're interested in our details again. thanks!
have a 6yr old and 3 yr old girls, with a new baby boy on the way. have a great machine, and consider myself a decent 'beginner' sewer, so tutorials are always handy. but have some experience making hats, dresses, etc.

Deepa said...

Hi , Laura , if you need pattern testers still, I am expecting a little girl in Aug and will be sewing lots of clothes for her ( already started !) I have been for my two boys over the last 12 years . I've used Burda, Simplicity, Butterick and New Look patterns, also lots of free internet downloads !. I have a Bernina 165 , no serger though. Can take photos and upload to my blog or wherever you need them. I am primarily interested in sewing baby dresses 3-24 mo. Email me if you need a tester ..I'll be glad to cooperate!

Anonymous said...

Are you still looking for testers?
I have an 6 year old girl and a 3 month nephew. I have a Brother sewing machine and I will get a Serger en the next month or so. I consider myself an intermediate advance sewer.
my email is

thank you!