Monday, September 15, 2008

Another fun blog..Bless Our Nest

I saw this idea on Bless our Nest who saw it on Frills Fluff and Trucks who saw it on My Romantic home! This is such a cute idea, I have to hit the thrift stores. It takes three pieces, candlestick, glass plate, and cheese dome, just stack them up and glue the candlestick on the glass plate. These are great for a party, you can make them in all different shapes and sizes and fill them with so many different things, fresh cupcakes, mini pumpkins, cookies... They would make very inexpensive and lovely christmas gifts for friends, just put some home baked goodies inside!
So go check out Bless our nest for Christian inspiration and some nice home
decorating ideas.


Why do we follow certain blogs, I find my self attracted to blogs that inspire me and that talk about homelife and recipies and nature. I found a really inspirational one the other night, Project Domestic Bliss, written by Nikki, a young mom. I am so inspired by her. It's a take on the perfect "50's" style mom, very cute. Sometimes, I think, I am waiting for my life to be perfect and be making enough money to be living a life. OOPS! Something wrong there! So thanks, Nikki, for helping me to get up Saturday moring and make pancakes and pumpkin pie and celebrate life with my daughter and knowing that life is now and that there is no waiting around. I heard a great quote this mornig, "If you want to be happy, don't want what you don't have, Want what you have. I want my beautiful daughter, I want the opportunity to start my business again, I want to meet lots of new frinds in cyberspace, I want to be an artist, I want my 5th floor walkup apt in NYC, I want to enjoy the fall and have my apt filled with scents of baked pies and cinnamon and sonds of laughter and friendships. Looking forward to keeping in touch! What kind of things do you want!