Tuesday, April 26, 2011

$6.00 Sewing Tutorials

For a short time all SEWING TUTOTIALS from Season 1 will be $6.00 Get them at this low price while you can!
 New ebooks coming soon!

1.Reverse Gear...A Series of reversible skirts, dresses, jumpers and pants.

2.GingerLouise Cottage...A Series of Pretty Pillows
3.Jennie Jumper...some 1 piece dudads

and shorts, tie bottom pants and hats!

Ruffled Lilly $6.00 here 
Swing Top/Dress and Ruffled Version Sedwing Tutorial

Mixed Up Mary here
12 Panel Skirt Sewing Tutorial

Sweet Pea here
Newest EBook..dropped waist knit dress