Saturday, August 15, 2009

The "BUG"

Well the creativity bug has got me again.. A friend has been helping me press orders and ship this week. She worked for me when I had and lost my other business. She says your doing it again you should have 20 pieces on your line...period. I was afraid to tell her I have 100 pieces and 6 more on the way. I'm sending some stretch cords, a new design, a surprise rufflle pant and some new peasant tops out to be photographed tomorrow. I cant help myself, after sewing about 50 of those Halloween Twirl Dresses..thanks to Christy and her fabulous photo...this week...I need ed to create. Its hard to run a business this way. I like to cater to every person and add an inch where needed...I know this is not the way to make money. But..I just can't help myself look for 6 new pieces this week..and Lisa your box is on the way:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009