Thursday, April 30, 2009

May 1, MayDay Celebration, A tradition and FingerPrint Friday?

Fairy Branch

Here's a branch of snowy May!
A branch the Fairies gave me!
Who would like to dance today
With the branch the fairies gave me?
Dance away Dance away
Holding high the branch of May!
Dance away dance away
Holding high the branch of May!

I love Mayday and I love fairies and if there was going to be a day to see a fairie today would be the day! This is such a nice tradition to start in your school!
My daughter went to a waldorf preschool where they did a fancy maypole with real dance movements. I learned a lot there about Maypoles and fairies! I switched her over to a public elementary school. In 1st grade my then husband and I built a maypole and donated it to the shool. All the kids and parents signed the pole and dated it with th year. Some of the other parents and I made fairy wreaths for the girls hair and bell bracelets for the boys. We made a picnic lunch and took 2 of the lucky classes over to Central Park for a fun afternoon under the cherry blossoms. We did this for 3 years, by 3rd grade the girls were tying the boys to the pole!

Well I don't know if this really qualifies for Fingerprint Friday but I know the times I am happiest and the things that make life meaningful for me are doing things like Mayday celebration and teaching 60 children about something they may have never heard about or participated in if it wasn't for me (this time!) And I am not bragging it is an honor to have been able to participate and initiate this in a public school and to have a principle and teachers that were open to it! And a ton of parents to help out! Happy May!

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Monday, April 27, 2009


Some photos from some of my sweet customers in my Etsy Shop!