Thursday, October 28, 2010

GIVE AWAY....Who makes the world a better place...You do!

Dec 1   Thanks raised the $200 for the dolls!  And we got a bunch of nice donations, thanks everyone for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

I would like to do this ongoing, please let me know of any familys that need a little love and care.

Holiday Cheer...Give Away! and learn!!  Cannot sell raffles.  Big Paypal Violation,  Sometimes I wonder if there is anything between my 2 ears:)
So I still want to get the dolls for the sisters.  I can't do it alone, Ineed your help!!  You can leave a comment here to enter the giveaway  and I am accepting dontions for the dolls.  If you would like to make a donation  send it via paypal to email@gingerlouise .com.   

We are raising money  to buy  a struggling family 2 AG Dolls for Christmas.  The girls are 7 and 8.  The older child has cancer and the father is out of work.  We are also accepting donations of clothes (new) for child or doll, hats, toys or anything you feel in your heart to give.  Email me for more info.

The family wonlt know who sent everything, it will be a gift of support from a community of lovely and talented women.  My daughter asked, if the family is strugging, why would we send something as trivial as dolls.  Why? It is exactly during those times that you need somthing pleasant to remind yourself  that life is good no matter how dark things get,  And things are pretty dark for this family.  And, I dont know if you have read these books, but  they are historical stories about how 8 year old gitls lived and survived some hard times.  One book I remember, was about a girl who lived in the 1930's and her mother had to take in  people to pay the rent.  The books are inspiring

Something Interesting..

Illness   Wellness 

I is for illness and we is for wellness, we are not suppose to do this sometimes very difficult life alone!  I have had the loving support of family and friends when  things got bad around here, my daughter always had more then she needed under that beautiful tree!


Leave a comment here with your email adress tp enter the give away.

Please send any donations to via paypal amd sent as a gift.

Winners will be picked on Black Friday.


GrandPrize:  $200 Value   Skirt of the Month Club, You will receive 1 skirt a month for the next year and aMATCHING DOLL SKIRT ! Holiday prints  will be sent when appropriate.

   What a fun thing for your child!  Every month she can expect a pretty new skirt for her and her doll or bear:)  April 1, she will open the mailbox to  a fresh spring skirt, October, its Halloween Fun!  Chrismas...Naybe matching velvets!

1st and 2ndPrize:  $25 Value  A skirt for your child and her doll, pick from lots of prints!

Thanks and feel free to share this link!

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