Saturday, August 1, 2009

New FroM KELLIE and the winner ...

I am so happy with these!!

So the winner of the Summer Blog Party is Kim of Trucks and Tutus, Congratulaions!

Also, if you asked for something for charity , you should have been contacted, if not email me at

Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Chance

Last chance to win the $50, I wish I could give it to everyone who entered> Please leave a comment at

Winner will be picked tomorrow night at midnight!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

LouLou in Blue

The first in the next set of listings in my fall line, Country Roads. Photographed by my friend Kellie and her beautiful daughter LouLou. To see more of her work go here..

Dear Diary.....A Testimony

So,I have to remember I want this to be a testimony. A testimony of how God changed and transformed my life. Last year at this time I was lucky to get a sale, I have had over 100 sales since Friday. 3 weeks ago, I couldn't get out of bed, now after seeing the right doctor I am up and functioning at full steam. It's good to know I'm not lazy, there was a problem. My world was so dark, all I could do was stick a tiny little fingertip out of this big dark circle to ask for help. But that was enough. In, through that pinhole, the light came. And help came. What a huge difference in the way I feel. Creativity is bursting out of me!

And, I got something today. Just because I am seeking God, doesn't mean my life is going to be all pearly white. It means, if I am seeking God and wanting to be a better person then I have to act like a better person. I know that sounds simple but I didn't get it until today. I thought if I could get this faith thing right then my life would be smooth and easy.

But the truth is for me to seek and find God, I have to be a bigger and better person.

Even with that knowledge, I was tested and I failed. The person that gives me the hardest time in this life started again. What did I do, well I shot back a nasty email.. He is wrong (and he is :)) so don't I have to tell him that don't I have to fix this. I want to scream when I think about what he is getting away with and he thinks he is in the right. Ahhhh

How do I behave like the big, good, shiny lit up person I want to be when I want to strike out and get even and control a situation because I'm afraid. HOW DO YOU DO THE RIGHT THING? WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING? Well I think I will sleep on that. I have figured out how to get out of my head. I focus on my heart and fill it with love. I am asking God tonight to fill me with love and light and healing and show me the way. And please bring some light to me, my daughter and her father.