Friday, April 19, 2013

Flower Study..Ranunculus...Persian Buttercup

Amazing Grace

My new favorite flower! I'm obsessed with these.  When they are finished blooming they turn upside down and reveal about 5oo petals!  The bloom on top took my breath away:)  So, the best time to plant these in NY is early spring around March 1.  The more you cut  blooms the more blooms they will send up.  I planted some in pots with violas and pansies and just put some in the ground.  On one of my pots, the leaves have all turned yellow--could be lack of nitrogen, lack of water or not enough sun light.  I think its the sunlight.  They don't like to be too hot but they need a lot of sunlight (hence, early spring flower!)  Also like to be wet but not muddy.  Should grow to about 16" tall.  A really pretty color combo is red, yellow and melon.
This is an experiment!  Learning as I go....

***These did much better in pots, plant in the sun,waster every other day. Short lived, beautiful spring flower.  Didn't do well at all in the ground.  Another variety is a Persian buttercup, taller,  Want to try those next year.