Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bye Bye Clothes...Hello Sewing Kits

New Sewing Kits now in shop!  You can find them here


Volcom Tee said...

Cute little girl! It really looks good on her.

Mademoiselle Rose said...

It's funny and nice !
I like it !

If you can , can you go on my blog ?
It deals with History and fashion , if you don't understand ( this is in french ) , ask me and I traduce for you !

See u soon

Anonymous said...

Your clever use of colors is very intriguing! Etsy Front Page is astonishing! Well, just browsing. Enjoyed a glimpse of the world thru your eyes & lens. See you around!

Farm Girl said...

Hi I noticed that you are my brand new follower. I love your creations. I will be checking back and looking at your tutorials, I need lots of tutorials. I love to sew, I am just not very good at it, hence the tutorials. So thank you very much for stopping by and I look forward to following you too.

GingerLouise Clothing said...

thanks for stopping by, finally back on here, I changed the background and my computer wouldnt let me access it.

Jamee said...

well McCalls finally found you- i saw they copied not only your pattern but used same fabrics. McCalls MP211