Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sewing Tutorials...Getting Started in the Custom Boutique Clothing World

As most people know, I am moving from the lovely world of girls boutique clothing into the world of sewing tutorials, patterns and ebooks. I have just put together a line of Basic Patterns. From these patterns, I make all my designs. . These patterns work great on there own, and with a little knowlege of patternmaking or math you can turn them basically into anything. Lengthen, shorten, add a ruffle add a get the idea! If you look at my shop here and scroll through the sold items, just about everything has come from these ebooks. Also, for full descriptions of ebooks, visit my etsy shop. I am offering these at a Special Price for my Blog Readers $55 for all 5 Tutorials. To purchase, click here or email  me at  Included in the Basics Sewing Tutorials are:
Basic 1 Ruffle Pants
Basic 2 Shirred Back Top
Basic 3 Dropped Yoke Ruffle Skirt

Basic 4 Knot Dress

Basic 5 Peasant Dress

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