Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cornucopia...Celebrating the Artist under the Mommy...

From Scientist to Designer...
     introducing Eliza from KKNoodles

Carolina Top...See it here
Peasant Whimsy...see it here
Cardamon...see it here

So first tell us where your from and who you are, please:)

My name is Elisa Gollatz. I am a wife, mother, homemaker, scientist and children's clothing designer. I grew up in Pennsylvania and went to college in Pittsburgh to study Neuroscience. Upon graduating I worked in research laboratories in Academia. I continued to work after the birth of my first child Kiera, but retired from the industry after having my second child Kaitlin. When the girls were 4 and 3 respectively,I went shopping for their clothing. I was completely appalled by what was being marketed to our little girls. Why can't little girls be little!
Kknoodles was born. The name is derived from the girls nicknames, kk and noodle. Now I am a mother to four wonderful children, a clothing designer and very happy. 

So do you think you are now following your "destiny" of who you were to become,  those are 2 exttremly different fields!

So many people ask me that very question!  Ironically, there is a lot of science that goes into design.. I have always loved the arts. At a young age I started playing violin and singing. I really think that designing is the perfect blend of the sciences and arts. Design merges two of my strengths making a perfect profession for me. Sewing has become therapy for my crazy life “ motherhood”.
When did you start sewing?

 I began sewing when I was young. I can remember watching my mom sew in her sewing room. I was given my grandma's singer when I was about 13.. I have always had a unique style. I forced my mom to make me my senior prom dress. I hated the ugly poofy look!

Any advice for people getting started in boutique clothing
My advice to anyone is to do their research and start small. I have learned most of what I know about this business by going through it. Talk to many people who have started there own businesses. Find out what works and doesn’t work. It will save you lots of money and heartache. Start small and expand gradually. I have met so many women that started too big and very easily got overextended (physically and financially). Stay grounded and remind yourself daily the you love what you do.

What do you think about the concept "woman helping woman" ?Is there enough business out there for all of us and what makes your clothing different from other designers?

I am absolutely pro "women helping other women".  I have nothing to hide. We  all have different tastes and ideas.  Let's work together.  MY designs are "so me" I don't design things b/c I think other people will like it ,I design it b/c I love it.  I think that is why my designs are different.

What do you have coming up for fall, new designs, shop promotions?

Still thinking about it.... it was 100 degrees here in Atlanta today!  Moms Help Moms promotion: $25 off your purchase of $50 or more (full pricedtems only) code MHM valid 9/7-9/12

Thanks so much and good luck with your fall line!  Ladies be sure to check back for Kknoodles Fall...2010 preview.  Leave your email, if you want to be notified when "it arrives"


Vic and Ver said...

Great interview. I like what she said about starting a boutique. It encourages us as that is what we are doing also. She does have her style that is very cute.

formy2kids said...

I love that Carolina top! Adorable!!!!

Jane said...

I love the ruffle monogram t, have been eying that ever since you first posted about this shop!!


Jane said...
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