Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talk about You Tuesday

A really special blog! Little Jenny Wren, a blog that celebrates life. From her handmade waldorf style dolls to her lovely quotes. I have to admit this blog touches my heart. One day a month you can join "a day in my life" where woman share about the simple things they do throughout the day and post it. Right now, she is having a sale in her Etsy shop. The dolls are amazing. I am a dollmaker and I know the amount of work that goes into these waldorf dolls. A handmade doll is unlike any other. It is not just a doll, it really has a soul and a life of its own. Buying one of these dolls is an investment in your childs life.
So go check out her blog and Etsy shop and be inspired!

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Jenny said...

Oh Gingerlouise, what a lovely thing to do. Thank you so much for your beautiful words.

Jenny said...

Sorry, I should have said Laura not Ginger - what a dummy.

Hill upon Hill said...

I hope your day improved. I would be interested to read what a day in your life would be like.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I went to visit your friend,what a wonderful blog she has. You are a sweet friend to do this for her. I wish for you a very special week you are trult deserving...m...

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I've been calling you Ginger too!
Laura :)
You are right about handmade dolls. My mother used to make them for me. These are so cute! Wonder if my boys would like one LOL.